Top 10 Best Wedding Dresses for Brides

For most of the women finding the right bridal gown has always been the most stressful part of planning the wedding. The trends have changed through the years, but the main rule stayed the same- every bride wants to shine on her wedding in the dress she fell in love with the first sight. If you are a bride-to-be, but still are not sure about your wedding dress style, here are some fashion trends that have marked this year and which have certainly helped in creating the best bridal gowns in 2018.

A List of Top 10 Best Wedding Dresses in 2019

1. The royal wedding effect

The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has undoubtedly left a significant mark in the 2018 best bridal gown list. It has proven that simple rule “less is more.” After seeing the royal wedding dress, many women have decided to go up for a sophisticated, minimalist style bridal gown with no additional decorations, as well. Simple and beautiful wedding dresses have marked 2018.

2. Romantic bridal gowns with bows

Bows and wedding dresses have a long history, but in the 2018 wedding bows took an entirely new shape. They are much bigger, even oversized and also come in details on the bridal gown. Some designers even decided to decorate their wedding dresses with oversized colored bows, which are indeed one sort of bridal fashion statement.

3. Unconventional bridal gowns

Since there are many women today who don`t consider their wedding has to be something conventional, many fashion designers have adapted their wedding dresses to this perception. On the list of our best bridal gowns are the original ones which are suitable for a wedding on the beach and an after party as well. One-piece elegant and classy sheer bridal dress for the beach is a piece of outfit which you can use in many occasions afterward as well.

4. Wedding dresses with the effective trains

Did you know that the length of the train on a wedding dress was even crucial in the Middle Ages when it was a symbol of a bridal position in the society? Dramatic and formal cut bridal gown trains have also marked 2018.

5. Paint it black?

Usually, black is one of the last colors that brides want to see on their wedding gowns. But the best wedding dresses list of 2018 showed that a little black detail on a wedding gown could make it unique, classy and chic.

6. New bridal bohemian style

2018 has changed the bridal bohemian fashion style as well and made it one of the most desirable choices for many brides. Sewed from silk or satin, elegant and straightforward this wedding gown gives a unique, sophisticated though effortless-looking wedding style.

7. Sophisticated and elegant pearl details

Many designers have also decided to bring back the pearl details in 2018 wedding fashion style, and there are many remarkable solutions. Pearl embroideries on the bridal gowns ora accessories like veil and necklace will give a bride to be even more elegant look.

8. Floral details

Some of the best wedding dresses in 2018 have shown that designers also decided to replace traditional lace details and decoration with new one-of-a-kind floral details. Therefore, wedding dresses with floral prints have earned their place on the best wedding dresses list of the year.

9. Ballroom bridal gowns

Not only that they are back, but they are bigger than ever, as well. Ball skirts have also marked the 2018 wedding fashion list. Made for creating drama-effect, ballroom bridal gowns are returning bridal fashion to its roots. The truth is there are still many brides who choose their wedding dress mostly by its size. 2018 made some perfect design solutions just for them.

10. Bridal Le smoking suits

Designed for brave and unconventional brides, bridal suits are indeed a fashion statement which deserves a place on an annual best wedding dress list. The best thing about a bridal suite is that you can use it on many occasions even after the wedding.